What is Product Definition in the Mobile App Development process?

by Vlad Marusca

Have you ever wondered why some mobile app products turn out to be more acknowledged than others once they are launched? Apart from good luck, a number of key techniques are essential to design tailor-made successful products.

One of them is Product Definition and it’s part of the initial stage of the development journey. If you are a Business, a Product Owner or a Developer, you might find this article helpful in clarifying the vision before actually developing a product.

10 essential questions

When developing a product a wave of excitement arises and the thought of that final, perfect application makes you want to speed up the development process. Unfortunately, if you want a successful launch with noticeable long-term results, enthusiasm and passion is not enough.

Before you start developing, you should first ask and answer a number of key questions. A clearer understanding of these next few topics is imperative for explaining your team how the product should be created.

1. What do you want your mobile app to perform?

2. Who are the end users of your product?

3. What problem does the product solve?

4. What benefits does it generate for its customers?

5. Which mobile app development language and framework is best to use?

6. Which feature will make it stand out from my competitors’ products?

7. Which features are key in the app?

8. What is your overall development budget?

9. What is your schedule for development? When will you launch the product?

10. How will you market your product?

You can answer these questions by yourself, with your software house or with your team, it’s up to your budget and time. Ask for feedback, share your ideas and be open to new ones, but don’t forget to write everything down. Every information is valuable and worth discussing with the team.

On the other hand, if you are uncertain about some data, don’t worry, in this article we’ve approached every step required in the initial development phase, but also a few tools you might find helpful in clarifying your vision about your app.

Customer Persona

Personas have an immense influence on the product’s success. A persona is a depiction of the individual who best represents the primary end user of your product. Remember, don’t make the mistake of confusing the persona with the end user!