5 mistakes businesses make when outsourcing mobile app development

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If you have finally decided to develop a mobile application through outsourcing, congratulations – you have chosen an option that takes care of your budget and allows you to create an application according to the latest IT trends! If you read our article and found out what are 5 simple steps to outsource Mobile App Development, now is the time to find out the 5 mistakes businesses make when outsourcing Mobile App Development, so you know what you have to stay away from. Keep reading this article because it will help you save even more on the budget and let you know what to avoid when outsourcing.

  1. Hiring a project manager with poor communication skills

We believe you already know that it is vital to have smooth and efficient communication between you and the team that will develop your much-desired mobile application. So, suppose at the first interview with the project manager, you encounter a communication barrier due to language. In that case, unfortunately, the truth is that you have to look for another team to collaborate with. This can happen especially with offshore mobile app development, but it can also occur with nearshore services. Even if you plan to make a detailed brief, along the way you may want to add extra features or even change part of the application completely, so you need your outsourcing team to be able to clearly understand and implement the changes.

  1. Overlooking time zone difference

The time zone difference can give you big headaches, even if you set deadlines in advance for each task. If you want to quickly adjust some features, the development team may not see it in time. In addition, finding the perfect time to hold progress reporting meetings can be difficult when the time zone difference is higher than 8-10 hours.

  1. Outsourcing companies that are behind on trends

You definitely want a mobile application that will stand out from the competition. To achieve this, you need to choose an outsourcing IT company that uses state-of-the-art technologies (such as blockchain) and best practices (such as integrating push notifications and automated chat support). When analyzing, you should also look over the portfolio of projects to identify modern elements that could make your application a success.

  1. Failing to Perform Functional Tests in the End User’s Environment

Testing represents a vital stage that determines if the application is functional, sufficiently interactive, and intuitive. You need to ensure that the development team will test the mobile application periodically to detect bugs and test the flow from the user’s first entry into the application to the exit.

  1. Failure to provide support services after the launch

Even if the mobile application is tested several times, you can’t always be 100% that you didn’t miss something. So, you have to agree from the beginning with the IT team to provide you with some support services in case something occurs. In addition, after the first few days after the launch, you will for sure start receiving general customer feedback, and you may need to make adjustments that the team should be able to implement immediately. 
Learn from others’ mistakes, and you will have a competitive mobile application that will generate sales and customer loyalty! Haven’t you found the right team for outsourcing mobile app development yet? Schedule a meeting with one of our developers!

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