5 tech trends that will shape startups in 2023

To say the least, 2022 was a busy year in the tech industry.  Even though we expected this year to be one of slow readaptation after the pandemic, without massive industry innovations, we were again surprised. According to Gartner, spendings

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Teambuilding makes the hive work

We like our projects, we like our colleagues, and we like our weekly remote meetings and our encounters at the office. But what do we like more than this? We like teambuilding. With this work & trust culture, Redbee Software

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Man programming on a laptop

5 common mistakes when building an MVP

After your concept is approved (POC), one of the first actions to take your idea forward includes building a minimum viable product (MVP). An MVP is the most basic version of your idea, created to validate initiatives and discover user feedback from the beginning.

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Woman scrolling through a landing page

6 best landing pages practices

Every website needs a landing page from where the users begin navigating services and company news. It can be your home page or a dedicated section with essential information and components. Tailoring a perfected landing page can be challenging, but we’ve gathered some tips to elevate and guarantee success.

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5 of the most common UX/UI mistakes

The software market is suffocated with new mobile and web apps monthly. That’s why, the focus has moved on ensuring a client-centered, visible, and, as much as possible, unique user experience.

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