How to build a fintech mobile app in 2022

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We can all agree that the FinTech world has drastically changed in recent years – the emergence of decentralized finance, the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the adoption of digital payments and in the way people manage their money, the emergence of rules and regulations on cryptocurrency adoption – these have all reshaped the way people interact with financial institutions. As current technologies are perfected, some of these new trends make it hard for businesses in the Fintech environment to keep pace with the market developments. Companies are constantly looking for ways to streamline transactions, reduce customer costs and increase user retention – and building a mobile app is one of the most popular solutions right now given the extremely competitive landscape in the financial and banking services segment. If your company is considering building a FinTech mobile application for the customers, here’s what you should include: 

  1. Chatbots

Customer support is one of the most appreciated features of a B2C app, and its integration in the form of chatbots is an efficient and less expensive solution to connect companies with their customers. This feature mainly contributes to the increase of loyalty because it meets the clients’ problems, offering support for their solution 24/7. However, this type of chatbot is also used for sending push notifications, offering help in making transactions through FAQ, providing financial feedback considering the history of a user’s transactions, and much more.

  1. Gamification

Gamification is one of the best innovations for stimulating in-app user engagement. Incorporating gameplay elements such as progress bars for cashback rewards programs, setting goals for efficient salary spending, and completing pre-set tasks to earn bonuses can increase retention span and even lead to customer loyalty.

  1. Artificial Intelligence

The adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) is constantly growing in most industries, and the field of finance is no exception. This is very helpful in managing unstructured data, identifying behavioural patterns of mobile application users, and advanced information analysis. Another benefit is that internal processes accuracy can also be improved with the help of machine learning algorithms integrated into your company’s FinTech mobile app – but for that, you need to choose an experienced custom mobile app development team that will be able to develop custom code specifically for your business needs

  1. Voice recognition

Voice recognition became populated with the advent of Siri and Alexa and is gaining popularity over licensing alternatives with fingerprint and face identification. This subset of biometric technology authorizes financial transactions or authenticates the application user.

  1. Blockchain technology

The adoption of the Blockchain has revolutionized various industries such as healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and real estate, and the FinTech industry is among them. The technology is appreciated for several reasons: secure sharing and storage of sensitive data, inability to alter or modify data, self-executing smart contracts, cost reduction, etc.

If you want to stay competitive in the FinTech industry, you need to consider integrating popular trends into your mobile application development. Adopting state-of-the-art technologies will help you build customer loyalty by providing prompt support, security, and personalized browsing experiences. If you have any questions about building a Fintech mobile app in 2022, drop us a line.

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