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Admo.tv: leader in TV & Radio analytics

Product type: Web

Admo.tv is the first TV monitoring & analytics suite. The platform incorporates its very own real-time ad-recognition technology, patented in Europe, and helps media advertisers to measure and optimize the online impact of their presence.

Sibyl Market: stock predictions by investors

Product type: Mobile App

Sibyl Market is a Redbee Software project dedicated to investors wanting to make stock predictions. Based on the accuracy of the forecasts, users can grow their profile ranking and gain community credibility.

NDA: a life management tool for a promising future

Product type: Mobile App

A unified experience across two of the most important aspects of one’s life – finances and health. The project’s mission is to help people strategically create a future they can rely on by making money, health, and aspirations management intuitive.

GuestifyU: hotel services simplified

Product type: Mobile App

GuestifyU is a hospitality service app that benefits users with full hotel services information, special offers, guides, and important contact details that everyone needs to know during their stays.

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