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With over 5 million users from around the world, English Discoveries is our partner of choice when it comes to learning languages.

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The objective was to create a functional, easy-to-use mobile platform where students practice their English skills.

Being an initiative that gained popularity and expanded worldwide, the challenging aspect was providing a reliable solution for countless institutions and students. As a mobile application used to connect hundreds of users, it supports over 15 different languages.

Also, besides developing the mobile app, our dedicated team operates on manual testing!


We conducted the full mobile development, and our approach consisted of providing a complete Dedicated Team (Scrum Master, frontend developers, a Manual Tester) to create a product that showcases and highlights English Discoveries’ core strengths.

Working from the primary features of the application (login page, implementing templates to build the project on, and many more), our team managed to develop a mobile product that meets users’ needs. It meant working from implementing engaging features, such as video players and procedures for enhancing the vocabulary (and more!), to using Redux Toolkit Query for aggressive data caching and refetching only when invalidated.

The games found in the app (drag-and-drop and speech recognition activities, memory competitions, and others) were a challenge and an endorsement, combining fun with work.

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