A life management tool for a promising future

A unified experience across two of the most important aspects of one’s life – finances and health. The project’s mission is to help people strategically create a future they can rely on by making money, health, and aspirations management intuitive.

At any time, users can safely keep an account of their finances using a single dashboard, learn how to expand their assets using data-driven insights, and, level up each day by tracking their life goals.

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This project was designed to offer users a holistic perspective on retirement planning by focusing on finances and health. To introduce into the world such an inclusive app, efficient development was a key aspect. 

Our experience working in the fintech and healthcare sectors proved valuable in seamlessly integrating health functionalities with the existing financial ones. Therefore, the client leveraged our expertise to scale up the project and hired a dedicated team tailored to his needs.

We’re responsible for implementing a series of front-end functionalities in pursuance of delivering a reliable health management experience for the app’s users.


The dedicated front-end team in charge of developing health-related features is led by one of our ReactJS developers. To assure that users align their wellness goals with real-life experiences, our team correlated data from apps like Strava and Google Fit. Moreover, a movement tracking feature was introduced to enhance user experience. 

A problem that arose was the chaotic management of the existing versus desired UI components. Our team decided to set up a storybook in order to get a comprehensive overview of the app’s flow. Additionally, we created a series of stories to test how different components align with the desired experience.

The Result

This case study is a representation of how the Redbee team managed to provide a specialized Javascript team, lead in a multicultural environment,  and contribute to optimizing a variety of features. Thanks to our successful collaboration, users have access to building an optimistic future that is anchored to their life.

Further, we are committed to creating a unique experience for the users and improving every technical aspect of the project.

Technology Breakdown

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