What do patients really want from a healthcare app in 2022

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Mobile healthcare apps have revolutionized the way patients receive medical advisory and how they monitor their health conditions. This helps them to prevent complications by easing access to the medical act. Statistics indicate that about 60% of all mobile device users have a mHealth app downloaded on their phone. Furthermore, according to statistics quoted by IQVIA in 2021, mobile app development for the health industry reached almost 400,000 digital health applications available on app stores.

With a market size valued at USD 38.2 billion in 2021 and expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 11.8% from 2022 to 2030, mHealth apps have gained widespread popularity. However, most healthcare apps have less than 10,000 downloads. Also, very few of the apps available in app stores have succeeded.

There are many factors that an app development team has to consider to determine how successful their health app will be. Understanding a few of the essential functions users want and expect from a mobile healthcare app in 2022 can help start you off right.

Access anywhere and anytime

Your mobile app design might have unique functionalities, but patients are looking for the basics of mHealth access. The ability to schedule/cancel an appointment, request prescriptions, and easy access to medical records are the three basic functionalities that everyone should be able to access anytime on their healthcare app.

Moreover, these functions must save time for patients looking for medical appointments. Successful apps should take less than five seconds to load. If patients spend a long time waiting and figuring out all the complicated paths, they’ll no longer use your app. It is that simple. And it is here where your mobile app can make a difference.

Intuitive and Easy Navigation

When it comes to healthcare apps, it’s all about providing those functionalities in the most user-friendly way possible. Data shows that 90% of the mHealth apps are not regularly used once downloaded. Modern consumers expect a smooth and elegant user experience. Therefore, the comprehensive design of a healthcare application that provides a great UI (user interface) begins with choosing the right software development provider that uses the latest technologies you and the users can benefit from.

In other words, make sure your mobile app design focuses on solving the users’ problems. Elevate the most relevant content to achieve this. Give your users a logical path to follow for easy and intuitive navigation. 

Tip: you may also want to always listen to your customers’ feedback. Obtaining feedback from patients is perhaps the simplest way to improve workflows. Consult with your offshore app development team about the best alternatives for improving your app.

Meaningful and accurate information

Patients looking to download a healthcare app are often interested in finding detailed, accurate information. Users want to learn about their conditions and make appropriate decisions based on the data uncovered. Design your mobile app in a way that it would seamlessly walk patients through the pool of information about a specific condition. 

For instance, your app development company could include a blog section. Here, most medical conditions are addressed using interactive tools and layman’s terms. This way, you will keep patients engaged with your app.

Engaging in a community

Many patients will want to make connections and interact with one another. Recent studies have shown that the social feature in-app increased their belief that other people wanted them to lead a healthy routine. 

Furthermore, chatbots are an excellent option. This way, doctors can also interact with people and educate them to an extent where they can make informed decisions about their care. If previous doctor’s appointments were the only way for patients’ auctions, everything, including tips and advice, get their instr is just a few clicks away.  

Mobile usage is everywhere, and the opportunities for mobile apps are constantly growing. Fortunately, our mobile developers at Redbee Software specialise in crafting the absolute app to provide enhanced patient services and aid medical processes. Feel free to schedule a consultation with one of our specialist app developers.

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