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In times of constantly advancing digitization of almost all areas of life, the profession of a software developer is becoming more and more important – after all, nearly every company, whether a startup or a large corporation, is now dependent on a wide variety of software solutions. So it’s not surprising that the demand for good IT workers has increased in recent years – just imagine, the number of IT specialists in the EU grew by 50.5 % from 2012 to 2021, according to Eurostat. And while some companies choose to grow their own in-house team of software developers, more and more companies start to understand the benefits of outsourcing software development and turn their attention to finding a suitable, long-term service provider that not only helps them in getting the expected results but also helps them save important budget, thanks to outsourcing being way more cost-efficient than hiring your own team, especially when choosing to outsource in Eastern Europe. Given the performance, costs, and reliability of software development teams in Eastern Europe, the top 3 countries for outsourcing services are Romania, Poland, and Ukraine.

Next, we have prepared a guide on how to hire software developers:

1. Answer the right questions

To find the right provider, you have to consider a few criteria. Before anyone is hired, your goals should be clearly defined. What are the reasons you decide to outsource, and what is it supposed to achieve? Which services should be covered by the provider?

2. Nearshore, offshore or onshore outsourcing?

The main difference between onshore, nearshore, and offshore software outsourcing is related to the distance between your company and your service provider. If you choose to outsource to a software development team within the borders of your country, it’s called onshore. If you choose to outsource to a team from a country on the continent your company activates in, we’re talking about nearshore outsourcing – for example, if your company is based in the UK and you want to outsource to an Eastern Europe team, then you can search for a nearshore development team from countries such as Romania or Ukraine. 

Offshore outsourcing on the other hand is when you choose a development team from another continent – although is usually cheaper, there are some risks associated, such as difficulties in communication because of the major time zone difference. 

Depending on what extent “cultural fit” plays a role for you in choosing a partner to outsource to and how well your existing processes for project management are defined, you can choose between onshore, nearshore, and offshore outsourcing. 

3. Which task or project should be outsourced?

Be specific about which tasks should be outsourced and what that means for your employees. Is it maintenance or a new project? Will the infrastructure be outsourced or just parts of your systems? Do you need support from specialists in IT security, cloud computing, IoT (Internet of Things), or specialists in software development? Who decides on the technologies to be used for implementation? What core services do you expect from your future partner?

4. The right project structure

If you want your project to succeed, pay close attention to how you define your project structure. This stage has a significant impact on the outcome of your project. Is it a project where you don’t want to involve your own employees or maybe they should work together with a dedicated development team to deliver your project faster? If it is a new project you want to develop, who will be the responsible contact person on your side? Who manages the project, and who ensures the quality? What role does your staff play in this? How is escalation controlled, and how is reporting defined? Do you need a manager who oversees the topic at a high level? Which process model for project implementation is suitable for your company? What should happen after the project is delivered by your outsourcing partner?

5. Deadline & Budget

As with any project, the main questions are how much will it cost and when it will be ready. Thanks to outsourcing software development in Eastern Europe, the project won’t affect your budget and it can start immediately after signing the contract, as there is no need to recruit new employees.

6. Rough selection: Special or general provider

If you have answered the questions above for yourself, you can already narrow down where your outsourcing project fits. Once that is clear, the first step is to create a long list of companies that could be suitable for you. Gather all the information you can find from the company website and other sources, such as case studies or reviews. The information should include all aspects relevant to you, such as:

  • the location: in which country is the service provider headquartered
  • main areas of the services
  • prices, if applicable
  • reviews/testimonials

7. Putting the “shortlist” through its paces

Paper is patient, as the saying goes. Once you’ve identified your favorites, it’s good to test them for collaboration, if possible. So use this phase to find out if you are compatible with working together. Book an appointment to get to know your future partners and use this opportunity to assess their experience and their communication skill. As soon as you have decided on a partner, you determine the next steps and start negotiating the price. It might be a challenge, but it’s worth it. Then nothing stands in the way of signing the contract!

IT outsourcing can bring many benefits and create a competitive edge, but before you embark on the outsourcing adventure and commit yourself to a provider in a multi-year contract, a structured selection of providers must be carried out in advance. Prioritize the decision criteria of time, quality, costs, and data protection. And make sure that all relevant data is not only confirmed on paper but also through personal discussions.

If achieving your business goals involves developing software or a mobile application, you can rely on Redbee Software for both nearshore and offshore outsourcing IT services. Contact us and let’s make a modern application or software that will impress your customers.

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