Nearshore Software Development

Your dedicated software development team within the same time zone.


Romania is one of the top countries worldwide providing reliable outsourcing services for startups and acknowledged brands.

With Redbee Software as your nearshore software development partner we’ll be developing and supporting critical business systems, while your costs are reduced.

Using agile methodologies and by following common international standards, our nearshore services allow for flexible schedules and productive meetings, as well as efficient communication feedback cycles.

Agile Approach

Flexibility in resources allocation

Easy and real time communication

Efficient collaboration between remote distributed teams

Simple knowledge and ownership transfer

Benefits of choosing us as your nearshore partner

1. Highly skilled tech experts

Romania fosters an educational and legal system for a tech friendly ecosystem. The support given by the government to the software industry, in terms of tax reductions, prove why we are the 6th country in the world in terms of certified IT professionals.

2. Cultural similarities

We’ll ensure your nearshore dedicated team aligns with your business culture. By having multiple international outsourcing collaborations, we optimized a smooth onboarding process and a scalable implementation. 

3. Transferred workload

By choosing our nearshore software development services, you take the weight off your team’s shoulders, boosting the productivity and general performance of your in-house team.

4. Reduced launch dates

Thanks to our dedicated teams and well-designed engagement models, our software development engineers can deliver faster results and overcome workforce fluctuations.

5. Time Zone & Travel

A closer geographical location also brings the benefit of a similar time zone. We are located in the GMT+2 time zone, just like Finland, Latvia, Greece or Cyprus. As an EU country, access to Romania does not require a visa when travelling from Europe, and our country has a great network infrastructure.

6. Tailored engagement models

We’ll align your dedicated team with your project needs, based on your desired level of engagement and ownership. We’ll set up according to your requirements, and supervise the development process.

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