Teambuilding makes the hive work

Redbee Software

We like our projects, we like our colleagues, and we like our weekly remote meetings and our encounters at the office. But what do we like more than this? We like teambuilding.

With this work & trust culture, Redbee Software managed to grow, connecting over the years a team of more than 35 employees.

And just like that, four years passed by.

Just as every year since the beginning of Redbee Software, we constantly focused on the well-being of each team-mate.

Even if that meant:

  • working fully remotely, just like our colleagues from Iași and Bucharest ⚡️
  • offering the opportunity to build your very own flexible schedule
  • constant and diverse social activities, once every 2-3 weeks
  • having cabin retreats every new season, we encouraged this to happen!

Some of the teambuildings we had?

Fun cabin retreats

From the beginning, we discovered that the best way to disconnect from the work environment was to meet in person and socialize. That’s why we chose cabin retreats:


February was the kickstart of a new chapter of socials.
As for the first cabin retreat of the year, we took things slow and enjoyed the views and each other’s company by exploring and engaging in fun board games and icebreakers.


Our spring cabin was as chill and friendly as the new season.

We were getting closer with meaningful conversations during the day and winning a beer pong game during the night 🍻

Dângău Mic

As summer ended, the Redbee team welcomed autumn with a pool party!

Tasty cocktails, good music, and funny stories tied the hive together. We have some worth-sharing memories from this cabin but prefer to keep them in our camera roll (for now).

Dângău Mic again!

Main focus?
Each of our bees. Because Redbee is formed of specialized devs from all over Romania, we must make cabin retreat celebrations happen. So, everyone is covered with all needed to have a lovely time, even plane transportation ✈️

We had fun experiencing a wine tasting, a pool party, playlists, snacks, and drinks ✅

Checked by nea Cristi, our trusty cook that never lets us down ✅

Social activities

In between every cabin retreat, we kept the cheerful energy flowing by adding social activities every two or three weeks.
You name it! We met to karting, climb, attended stand-ups, had drinks, and we’re going strong for the next ones.

Office fun

The pleasure is not only outside work. Memes and insights are shared daily on Slack, and everything is topped off with further activities after office hours.

Pancakes Friday? FIFA evenings? You’ve got them!

Wrapping up

As social beings, we always try to uncover new ways to create activities oriented toward teambuilding.
You can be inspired by the social side of our hive by keeping an eye on our page!

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