5 tech trends that will shape startups in 2023

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To say the least, 2022 was a busy year in the tech industry. 

Even though we expected this year to be one of slow readaptation after the pandemic, without massive industry innovations, we were again surprised.

According to Gartner, spendings on technology is forecast to increase by about 5%, to $4.6 trillion next year. It is due to the rapid approach tech businesses pursue to keep up with upcoming changes.

Which tech trends are we about to assist these upcoming months? Let’s discover together.

A huge focus on VR spaces

VR (Virtual Reality) increased in popularity in 2022.

”I guarantee that every enterprise has at least one if not five or 10 things that could actually be much better if they were in 3D”, says Ash Jhaveri (the Vice President of Reality Labs Partnerships, Meta). We can’t deny that either.

Until now, VR was mostly used in enterprises focused on automation, encouraging corporate collaborations, or training.

Some 2022 examples are:

Besides this, we can’t disregard the development of Mark Zuckerberg’s concept of the Metaverse. So, be prepared to shift your attention to more updates regarding the evolution of an alternative universe.

The rise of „Superapps”

As a software development company, we couldn’t help to mention this latest and captivating trend.

Superapps are mobile apps that provide users with numerous features and independent mini-apps in just one place.

The future of this trend is bright, expected in 2027 to have more than 50% of global population as active daily users of multiple superapps (Gartner).

In 2022, we have significant examples such as Bolt (which also offers Bolt Food) and Uber (with Uber Eats).

More AI it’s a given for the 2023 tech trends

When we talk about the growth of AI use, there is no need to say that we’ve already predicted it. 

More and more companies have shifted their attention to better AI solutions in automation and client engagement.

Today, we can find AI everywhere, from startups to big tech companies, from retail to entertainment (such as the “Magic Avatar” app by Lensa that took the Internet by storm last year).

Even more, IBM research shows that the use of AI in commercial manufacturing will increase from 40% to 80% in the next 3 years.

Cybersecurity, the 2023 focus

Today, almost everything is tied to the Internet. No matter the industry, security discussions revolve around providing future-proof solutions to protect from digital crimes.

The Identify Theft Resource Center expects even more cyber attacks in 2023 that compromise personal details. These attacks are mostly through social media or mobile/web apps, which have uncertain data defense. 

That’s why startups or entrepreneurs that decide to build and launch a protected app need to collaborate with specialized developers, familiar with the necessary steps to beat cybersecurity challenges.

So, this year, we will see a greater focus in the tech field on this issue. We will see companies detecting and predicting easier cyber threats, helped by AI and machine learning.

Sustainability as a tech trend

In 2023, we will witness a trend of emerging startups that will provide new methods to combat carbon emissions, to tackle the climate crisis.

Huge brands, such as Samsung, which launched a Global Goals program (in partnership with Patagonia), or Amazon Web Services (AWS), acted as examples in 2022. They shifted to cloud technology, encouraging smaller tech companies to accelerate the process of supplying more eco-friendly choices.

Wrapping up

By exploring what the tech trends prepare for us in 2023, startups can adapt their business plan to meet new clients’ expectations. If these trends gave you ideas that could obtain form as digital products, at Redbee Software, we are eager to help!

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