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Launching a mobile app it’s a big step for any business, but many think that submitting the app to the app store is the last step of the mobile app development process. Well, this cannot be more of a mistake! The success of your app can change at any moment as new mobile apps are coming out every day on the market. That’s why you need to frequently check if the functionalities your app is offering are still attractive to your potential customers. So no, the launch of the app is definitely not the end point of your business evolution.

But how do you know it’s time to rebuild your mobile application? If you and your team are not satisfied with the design of your app…well, it’s not enough reason to start redesigning it, but it’s enough to start analysing its effectiveness. Start by looking at the generated revenue – do you see any drops? Do you have as many active users as you used to? What problems do the app store reviews indicate? If you spot any problems in these areas, you might want to investigate further – here are the most important red flags that indicate you need a mobile app redesign:

Analyse your conversion rate

Have you experienced a lower conversion rate lately? In many cases, this is due to a poor user experience that is making your app users abandon the checkout process. Test again the user journey in your app and try to figure out where the problem might be – but remember, you are already familiarized with the app idea, so it might be better to ask someone that has never interacted with the app to test it out. 

Low user retention

Did you know that nearly 60% of downloaded apps are abandoned after just one month? Moreover, 73% are abandoned three months after download, according to Upland Localytics. The most common reason? Users don’t find the app as engaging as it was when downloading it. One simple thing you can do when redesigning the app is implement an in-app chat. This way, you can always keep close and answer the users’ questions in a matter of minutes. 

Check the reviews from the app stores

When installing an app, many users rely on the reviews they find on the app store to make an idea of the benefits the app might provide. Regularly checking the reviews users leave in Apple App Store or Google Play Store is essential. This way, not only grants that you will take care of the potential problems of the app faster but also provides impartial feedback on the app’s user experience. 

Do you have many negative reviews? This is a problem that also reflects in the number of downloads. That’s why you need to make sure you reply to each and every one of them – this way, new users can see you are constantly improving the app.

Outdated user interface

The trends for mobile app design have changed a lot in the past years, and so has the standard of the users. Not many are still willing to use an app that has an outdated design and a poor user experience, even though they acknowledge the app brings many benefits. And keeping in mind that the competition in the mobile app market is higher than ever. An app really needs to include eye-catching graphics to keep its users engaged in today’s landscape.

Not so mobile-friendly layout

Since the first smartphone made its way into the market, many things have changed – and the screen dimension is maybe the most important one. If you are updating a mobile app after a couple of years, you should also redo the layout and replace old graphics. Using high-resolution graphics will take full advantage of the bigger screens users nowadays have at their fingertips. 

Make sure your app still reflects your brand image

There are many reasons why a company needs a rebranding. If you are considering it, don’t forget to also redesign your mobile app, besides your website. Make sure you use all your communication channels to let users know about the changes you’ve just made, to ensure a smooth transition to your new brand image.

New monetization channels

If the app was launched years ago, you may want to also rethink the monetization of the app. Whether we are talking about a subscription or implementing different levels of access for certain features, this might be a good solution to increase the revenue generated by the app. 

Payment options

A few years ago, a credit card was the main payment option for a mobile app. But mobile payments have come a long way in the past years, with users adopting contactless payments at a fast pace (we have to be honest, COVID accelerated this process a lot). If you don’t yet use modern payment integrations, consider revamping your mobile app before it’s too late.

Keep up with the technology

5G is the new normal when it comes to mobile connections. What does this mean for you? Your app needs to be faster than ever – and for this to happen, the content you deliver through the app has to be perfectly optimized. 

How can you quickly optimize your existing mobile app?

If the above reasons for mobile app redesign got you thinking, let’s look at some ideas for quickly improving your existing app:


When redesigning the app’s home screen, consider making it as simple and user-friendly as you can. From this first screen, users need to get a sense of what info should they find in your app, how can this make their life easier, and where to find certain functionalities. In addition, navigation should be easily accessible from the main screen and should be really simple and logical.

Loading speed

Our attention span is getting smaller by the day. According to a Microsoft study, the average attention span of a person is between 8 and 12 seconds but can be higher or lower depending on the person. So the faster your app loads, the more chances you get to engage with your audience and thus increase their satisfaction when using your app.

Any app can get outdated really fast in today’s highly competitive market. That’s why it is crucial to ask for feedback from your target audience so you can always have an idea if the real user experience meets the expectations you had while developing the app. Our advice? Check your app reviews (at least) once a week and see if your users are still enjoying the app’s functionalities and design.

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