6 best landing pages practices

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Landing pages are a powerful tool to upgrade your business website. They have a general conversion rate of 2.35% across industries, reaching, in some cases, almost 5.5%.

Every website needs a landing page from where the users begin navigating services and company news. It can be your home page or a dedicated section with essential information and components. 

Tailoring a perfected landing page can be challenging, but we’ve gathered some tips to elevate and guarantee success.

Follow the “adobe the fold” rule

When a user enters your landing page, you should be aware that at first glance they can see:

  • a user-centered headline
  • a powerful call-to-action (CTA)
  • an eye-catching image
  • a glimpse of the next section to encourage scrolling

The blend between images and text makes a statement and helps new users identify what needs its attention.

The central goal of your landing page should be leading the eye to the main heading, which usually answers questions such as “who?” or “what?”, and then to an engaging CTA.


To keep your users drawn to the services you provide and to lead to action, we recommend adding a scrolling CTA that remains even when navigating your page. 

Example: DCSL GuideSmiths

Show your best services in action

It’s effortless to achieve credibility when you have proof. Adding on your landing page testimonials of previous clients or sharing awards your company obtained are valuable for potential clients. This happens because past milestones serve as a business card for attracting awareness.

You can find this on the Redbee website, along with a dedicated page for case studies, where we display our work and outcomes, but we have another example here:

Example: Specno

A single conversion goal at a time

What is your goal when a user enters your landing page? 

Do you want him to fill out a form, discover your services, book an appointment or call you? 

Identify which is the most important thing to achieve and sell it to your client through your content. Delivering a benefit-focused landing page and concentrating on a single CTA is the key to conversions.

Copywriting is a landings’ page best friend

After identifying the services you’re trading, and which users you want to focus on, copywriting can be an asset that leads to new customers. 

Following the well-known format of recognizing a problemgiving a solution, you can build many texts that consolidate your message.

Remember that every single sentence you write can be read by a potential customer, so give helpful information!

Example: Interexy

Remove links that lead anywhere else than your page

You’ve guessed it! Adding links that guide outside your landing page can mess up the plan. Sticking to the main goal of your page, and keeping the user engaged in the content and solution you provide is crucial.

If you decide to add links to your social media pages, your user will be more interested in the images and the fun social activities you do, than in the assistance you could supply.

This doesn’t apply when we talk about links that direct users to other sections of your website, such as services or products.

Example: Softblues

Responsive pages for the win

Even if you still haven’t done demographic research on potential buyers, you can predict that they will enter your landing page on a mobile or desktop screen. 

Usually approx. 94% of people judge a site by how responsive its web design is (Business), and we know that the first opinion can influence the whole navigation. That’s why you need to make sure you have fundamental accessibility checkboxes checked, as Tivix did.

Bonus tip

A/B testing consists in experimenting with two versions of your work and understanding which one is preferred by the public.  

To test your landing page, you can create two variants, twitching some of the elements (different colors, shapes, or hierarchies), to guarantee more results in the long run.

Wrapping up

The best landing page contains valuable information a potential user needs to know to make the final step: decide to collaborate. Checking the elements we’ve identified, you can trade your services effortlessly. If in need of software implementations to ensure an effective landing page, our services can be a right fit. 

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