Dedicated Team

There’s a difference between traditional outsourcing and building a dedicated software development team – the Redbee Software way.

Why choose our dedicated development team?

The collaboration process will be effortless with our bilingual, English proficient developers.

Our team matches your expectations with specific skills and experience levels of each developer.

We are your reliable partner when you want to release your project faster, without losing time in recruitment.

Our software development company has experience in working for customers from the USA and Europe.

You have a concept, but don’t have a software team to rely on? Your business goals can become our motivation.

Advantages of hiring a Redbee Software dedicated team

Scale up your development

Get direct access to quality talent that can benefit your product. We leverage our React.js and React Native expertise to support your needs.

Save time and money

We know that time and budget are important. Outsource our software developers and skip the time-consuming and costly recruitment process.

Full control over the process

Following your set expectations and feedback, our team creates software solutions that transform hesitation into confidence.

Nearshore outsourcing services

Our team is represented by experts with strong skills in the technical field. Their experience helps deliver risk-free solutions and ideas.

Set-up process

Overviewing the project requirements

First we book a discovery call in which we understand what are the milestones your project needs to achieve and what expertise you are looking for. We analyze the project’s scope and find the desired qualifications for the team.


Gathering the team

The next step is to build your dedicated team based on the requirements established together. Our talent pool offers highly-specialized web & mobile developers suited to your needs.


Effortless onboarding

In this phase your designed software team gets a deeper understanding of the project and due to its flexibility, is ready to start coding. This way, new projects are approached in a quick and effective manner.


What to expect

Hiring a dedicated software development team in Romania is just as working with your in-house team. We help you build the right product with the right team.


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