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We are an Eastern European software development company located in Romania ready to cover your mobile & web development needs. RedBee is your flexible remote partner that operates at an adequate price for both sides, reducing crises and disorganization.

Speed up the development process and reduce costs by outsourcing the Redbee Software’s offshore software development team. Our hive is composed of high performing web & mobile developers with proven expertise across technology stacks and industries.

Our partners recommend us for

Agile Approach

Flexibility in resources allocation

Easy and real time communication

Efficient collaboration between remote distributed teams

Simple knowledge and ownership transfer

Benefits of choosing us as your offshore software development partner

1. Frictionless communication

All of our engineers are bilingual and have experience in working with clients from the US or Asia. Our teams are able to communicate effortlessly and add value to discussions. Learn more about our dedicated software development team.

2. Reduced labor costs

Outsourcing offshore development services bypasses weeks of sourcing, interviews, and training. Not to mention added labor costs like insurance, benefits or even office supply maintenance.

3. Wide range of skills

Hire mobile and web developers who master modern technology stacks and can tackle any challenge in your desired field. We have proven experience in many industries such as finetech, education, healthcare and media.

4. Flexible team

Flexibility is another asset we provide to our customers, while we ensure a smooth time zone accommodation. Our remote teams will keep constant communication with you at all times throughout the entire collaboration.

5. Sustainable IT sector

Cluj-Napoca is one of the most important economic and educational centers in Romania. It is also the second most populated city in Romania, benefiting from a high-speed broadband Internet connection. We are based in Cluj-Napoca, the “Silicon Valley of Eastern Europe”, the economic hub of the region, home to nearly 1300 IT businesses and 15000 people working in the local IT sector, as well as 12 universities and 80,000 students

6. Cost transparency

Not cheap, nor expensive – just great value for money. We are equipped to provide multiple engagement models in order to satisfy your outsourcing budget.

We can help you with

Mobile Development

Our team of top mobile developers have experience working with clients from all over the world. Read more about our mobile development services and experience.

Web Development

Our professional team of web developers is ready to augment your team and cover your needs. Have a look at our past web development success stories.

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