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a startup founder, CEO, CTO, Product Manager or a Software Development Manager who is:
Looking for affordable and reliable software development custom solutions in order to bring your startup idea to life.

Seeking to extend your in-house development team with new highly-skilled web & mobile developers.

Facing loss of key human resources, accelerating deadlines or too many tasks to handle, and need help from experts in the field.

Wanting to avoid hire risks & costs, and prefer to outsource mobile development to highly-specialized technical experts in the field.

Facing poor software quality, communication or time zone issues from an existing vendor.


Mobile development

Native or cross-platform, we develop custom mobile apps using the latest technologies. Benefit from our team’s expertise in React Native or choose to build high-performance and valuable iOS and/or Android applications.

Web development

Our no-risk and practical approach can bring your web development projects to the next level. Our team specializes in tailoring remarkable experiences using NodeJS and front-end frameworks such as ReactJS and VueJS. We provide top-notch technical skills and support for building custom web apps.

Software development outsourcing

We’re here for you if you’re short on tech experts, having a hard time with meeting deadlines or budget management. Let our highly-skilled software development team to level up your projects. Asking for help has never been easier!

Featured expertise


Top industries


Smart solutions that help students accelerate their learning journey in an interactive manner.


Safely connect users and financial institutions through advanced programming.


Leverage reliable solutions for better care experiences and improved cost savings.


User-friendly solutions that keep your audience engaged in this competitive media landscape.


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The benefits of choosing
Redbee Software

Highly specialized tech team

We are a team of qualified web and app developers, proficient in React.js and React Native, ready to listen to your challenges and implement personalized solutions.


Plug & Play Setup

We grant you a prompt expansion of your team, assisting with rapid project management and execution. Reduce time and save resources with our fast collaboration model.


Daily deliverables & status updates

A client-centric approach that guarantees meeting clients’ expectations and needs. Smooth communication and transparency, you can always rely on the experts you team up with.


Flexible & cost-efficient

Flexible software development outsourcing, both offshore and nearshore. Not cheap, nor expensive – just great value for money, while holding the highest standard in CS & tech know-how.


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