Engagement Models

Choose the collaboration model that works best for you.

Models based on effort

Fixed price model

In this pricing model, we discuss an overall fixed price for our custom software development services. This model guarantees a predefined budget for the project, regardless of the time and expense. Advantages:

Time & Material model

This model involves establishing a rate by both parties that can be either hourly or monthly. In this case, the requirements can be changed over time by the client. Advantages:

Model based on team organization

Dedicated Team

The dedicated team model gives you the opportunity to hire a remote software development team that completes your human resources by skipping the time-consuming recruitment process.

Each member of the outsourced team is carefully selected to meet your expectations and help overcome the technical challenges. The costs are reduced because you only pay an hourly rate and not other expenses.

Dedicated Team

Models based on location

Mobile Development

Hiring an Eastern European nearshore app development team involves a partnership that offers more flexibility when it comes to time zone and language.

Web Development

Speed your development process and reduce costs by choosing to collaborate with one of our highly-specialized web development teams from Romania.

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